Best food to have in Jaipur, India

Best food to have in Jaipur, India

Jaipur, aka the pink city, is known for all its majestic forts, palaces and rich heritage that dates back to centuries. Apart from all the beautiful history and tokens related to history this city has got to offer, Jaipur has got everyone talking with the varying flavours of street food that it has got to offer. You will be able to find enough food options while exploring the entire city. The Rajasthani cuisine is well known to make one fall in love with them. Here are some of the best food items to have in Jaipur for the next time you are in this city, you shouldn’t miss trying out them. 

Pyaz Kachori 

You cannot consider your Jaipur trip to be complete without relishing some freshly fried pyaz kachoris. Once you have tried these pyaz kachoris, you are bound to be left asking for more. There are over 50 different types of this dish available across Jaipur. These pyaz kachoris may be high in calories but may be higher in its taste, as well. 



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If you didn’t try any chaat on your trip to Jaipur then you are sure to have a major feeling of FOMO. World-famous chaats like sev puri, bhel poori, papri chaat, etc. are pretty famous in Jaipur. All year round tourists from different parts of the world come to visit Jaipur to try these amazing chaats at affordable rates. No one would have ever thought such mouth watering flavours can be tasted at cheap rates.


Crispy pakoras or fritters are the highlight of this entire city. You will find these pakoras at some local tea stalls getting served along with chutney. Many tourists love to take some time off from exploring the city and relish some pakoras along with hot tea. Pakoras can be made with any seasonal vegetables coated in a flour batter further deep-fried in oil. 

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For all you sweet tooth, this city has got you to offer yummy jalebis. Jalebis are the major attraction of this city’s cuisine. You will find many Jalebi stalls locally to try it. The rich and sweet taste of jalebis are sure to make everyone a fan of them and keep wanting for some more. 

Pav Bhaji


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