The Bleecker Street in NYC: The Ultimate Guide!

The Bleecker Street in NYC: The Ultimate Guide!

Bleecker Street in New York City is one of the most famous streets in the city, running through the West Village, Greenwich Village and NoHo neighborhoods. If you are in New York City, you should definitely walk along Bleecker Street, as there are great restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping stores, and clubs to see and explore!

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Bleecker Street in this article, including our absolute favorite addresses and the most beautiful hotels!

Where is Bleecker Street in New York City?

Bleecker Street begins in the heart of the West Village, runs through Greenwich Village,, and is bordered by the Bowery in the east (in NoHo). Bleecker Street crosses 6th Avenue and Broadway, which is the border between the neighborhoods. Another good orientation is W Houston Street, as it can be found just one street south of Bleecker Street and is exactly one block south of 1st Street.

Bleecker Street in NYC

How long is Bleecker Street?

Bleecker Street is pretty much 1 mile long. It will take you about 25 minutes to walk from the beginning to the end.

What is Bleecker Street known for?

In the morning, you will see many students start their day sitting with their laptops in one of the cafes. After all, New York University, The NYU Stern School of Business, and The NYU School of Law are only two blocks away from Bleecker Street.

Bleecker Street is a go-to spot for New Yorkers because there are great restaurants, like Manousheh Bleecker, Dante NYC (one of my favorite spots!), and the family-run Italian restaurant Villa Mosconi.

Looking for the best restaurants and pizza near Bleecker Street? We’ve got you covered!

Best Restaurants on Bleecker Street

You can eat so well here, you won’t believe it! The selection ranges from Italian to Lebanese to Japanese cuisine. And I can promise you, you will have a great time in these restaurants!

  1. 211206122150001_Woodfired_Oven_Pizza

    01 Carroll Place

    Carroll Place on Bleecker Street has an exciting concept, as it’s both a gastropub and wine bar where you can enjoy Italian-inspired food. It’s one of our favorite spots when we go for brunch in New York. The atmosphere is relaxed, the vibe is always good and the food is delicious!

    Our favorites have been the pizza with truffles and the Pasta Vongole. The fact that the pizza oven is wood fired gives the pizzas a taste like a pizza should have! By the way, next time try the Carroll Place Burger with Gorgonzola. This one looked mega delicious too!

    My tip: if you want to go for brunch, be sure to reserve a table in advance!

  2. 211206114617001_Lebanese_Restaurant_Food_Manousheh_Bleecker

    02 Manousheh Bleecker

    Manousheh Bleecker is a Lebanese restaurant in Greenwich Village on Bleecker Street (unsurprisingly).   They are known for their delicious flatbreads, which you can eat either savory or sweet. I especially like the Flatbread with zaatar and sesame seeds and the Kafka with lamb and hummus. Definitely try the bowls too, they are super delicious, fresh and look good.

    And if you’re more in the mood for something sweet, you should try the homemade flatbread with Nutella or Halawa (which is a sweet sesame paste)! 

    The restaurant itself is rather small and there are only a few seats. If you have to wait for a free seat, I can promise you: it’s worth the wait!

  3. Restaurant-170423115755029

    03 Villa Mosconi

    If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant with real vintage charm, you have to go to Villa Mosconi! This restaurant has been around for over 40 years and is still run by the same family.

    Villa Mosconi restaurant offers authentic Italian food in a lovely ambiance and it’s family friendly and welcoming. No matter what (homemade) pasta you order, it’s guaranteed to be delicious. Another highlight for us was the Veal Milanese. And the best part? The prices are really reasonable!

    For me, Villa Mosconi is one of the best Italian restaurants in New York, because we were not disappointed during any of our visits!

  4. Dante_NYC_Bar_Greenwich_Village_New_York_210204204109001-1

    04 Dante NYC

    When it comes to the best Negroni in town, there is hardly a way around Dante NYC. They are an institution in New York and have been serving their Negroni since 1915 (it’s an Italian restaurant with a small bar). You find it at the corner of Greenwich Village, SoHo and Hudson Square – here we are super-often when we are on the road in New York.

  5. Restaurant_170423115755029-8

    05 One if by Land, Two if by Sea

    One if by Land, Two if by Sea has the reputation to be the city’s most romantic restaurant and has also been voted the 5th most romantic restaurant in the world – for good reasons. The former carriage house, built in 1767, does not only stand out due to its charming architecture but also due to its rich history. The property was once owned by the United States’ first Attorney General Aaron Burr

    After the duel in which he shot Alexander Hamilton, he lost the property and it was later repurposed until it became the restaurant we love today. The decor is simply beautiful. On top of that, One if by Land, Two if by Sea features several fireplaces, a piano, and a garden. As you may imagine, the food is absolutely amazing, too. The restaurant is said to be the most popular restaurant in New York for engagements, too.

For even more great spots, check them out in my article on the Best Restaurants on Bleecker Street.

Best Pizza on Bleecker Street

That was really difficult to put together a best list here. Because the choice of good pizza restaurants on and around Bleecker Street is large! There’s Neapolitan and Roman style pizza, so I’m sure there’s a spot for you among my favorites!

These are my TOP 3 pizza spots on Bleecker Street. If you’re looking for more, you can find them in my article about the best pizza on Bleecker Street.

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