Why You Should Rent Out Your RV with Outdoorsy

Why You Should Rent Out Your RV with Outdoorsy

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You love full-time RVing, but are looking to travel abroad for a while, or you are living somewhere else for work or leisure. So, what do you do with your RV when you are not using it? Wouldn’t it make sense to rent it out? Many would agree and could use the extra income, and it would be beneficial to make money on something you are not currently using.

How Can You Rent Your RV to Others?

Renting out your RV when you are not using it doesn’t cross many people’s minds because they have no idea how to go about it. Or they think about it and imagine everything that could go wrong. When looking at your options regarding renting out your RV, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either rent it out privately or use an organization like Outdoorsy.

Private RV Rentals

If you opt to rent it out privately, there are some important factors to consider. At the top of your list are:

  • How will you advertise?

  • How will you screen applicants?

  • How will you deal with accidents or thefts?

To find viable candidates to rent to, you can use the internet or newspaper ads. Top internet sites may include Craigslist or Facebook. Newspaper ads may also be a viable option however, this can be costly and may not accomplish your goals. The downsides to this are:

  • It takes a lot of your own time.

  • You are not marketing to a specific camping audience.

  • You may not actually find someone you are willing to rent your recreational vehicle to in the end.

You will also want to screen all applicants; getting a credit check, background check and driving record check should be at the top of your list. Would you want someone who doesn’t pay their bills, has been in jail or has lost their license due to driving while intoxicated to rent your RV? Probably not, safety first. Running the appropriate checks are imperative but comes at a cost. It can also be time-consuming on your part and, again, you might not find someone worthy of driving your private property.

Insurance liability is another thing to consider. Insurance rates might increase if the renter gets into an accident. What if they do not bring it back? Check with your insurance agent and see what the repercussions of a rental on your insurance policy would be if any of these things should happen.

Finally, to consider, how will you get paid? You will need a credit card reader, or you may limit the number of people who will be able to pay you to rent your RV. You will also need to decide a rate and payment terms, including taking a deposit.

Renting an RV with Outdoorsy

Using an RV rental service, such as Outdoorsy, takes the guesswork out of renting your RV to make extra money.

When people want to rent an RV, they will go to Outdoorsy to see what options are available. This is a specific, target audience that is looking for recreational vehicles to rent. Posting your RV on the site is free, and only when a successful transaction takes place, a small fee is taken out of the profits prior to depositing the agreed upon rental fee into your account.

Outdoorsy screens prospective renters for you. All renters must pass an extensive driving history check. Only those who pass this background check will be able to request to rent your RV. This saves you time and money.

Outdoorsy understands the risk of renting your RV, but they don’t want that to be a deterrent. Outdoorsy provides a $1 million liability insurance policy which covers your RV or trailer whenever it’s being rented. This policy covers both the renter and the owner. You’re also covered for theft and damage, subject to their policies, such as interior damage.  Outdoorsy also provides 24/7 roadside assistance should the renter breakdown while travelling with your RV.

How you get paid should not be a deterrent from renting your RV for extra income. Outdoorsy takes the guesswork and stress out of this for you, as well. Within 24 hours after your RV is picked up, Outdoorsy will make a deposit into your bank account for you.

Renting your RV can be a great way to make extra money when you are travelling elsewhere or want a break from full timing. Using a service, such as Outdoorsy makes the process much smoother, with less risk. For full-time RVers having an option to rent their RV when not in use, offers some flexibility